V.V.T. Europa wins Lean & Green award

Paul Ridderhof 7dec17 1176

V.V.T. Europa is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Lean & Green Award’ for our best practices around sustainable logistics. The Lean & Green program is Europe’s leading program for sustainable logistics. With the award and certification we are able to guarantee that when you choose V.V.T. Europa you are choosing sustainable and efficient transportation.


Lean & Green in logistics

Logo LogisticsBeing certified Lean & Green means that you are effectively reducing CO2-output by a significant margin of at least 20% in a way that also reduces the total costs of transportation. This means that it is not ‘just’ about environmental sustainability, but also about maximizing efficiency in logistics. Getting the Lean & Green award comes with a rigorous intake process where a company has to draft a comprehensive plan of action to achieve efficiency and sustainability goals. The next step is to create a dashboard with calculations based on the plan of action as evidence of the feasibility of the plan. These figures have to be incorporated in a predictive reduction analysis. Afterwards three consecutive external audits are done by TNO. Once at the start of the year, the second halfway through, and the third at the end of the year. The results of the audits decide if the company has achieved their goals and may be given the Lean & Green award.


Sustainable safety and security

tapa 150V.V.T. Europa is not just Lean & Green, but also TSR certified. This means that our transport systems and processes have been optimized for maximum protection against theft of cargo, as has been confirmed by TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association. This is especially important when transporting valuable goods prone to theft. The Trucking Security Requirements outline a set of minimum security standards regarding both the transportation vehicles and the work processes. We at V.V.T. Europa adhere to these standards to make sure that your goods are safe on the road when transported by us.


International trustworthiness with AEO

AOE 150All of our best practices have also led us to acquiring an AEO-permit given out to trustworthy international trade companies by the Customs authorities. The benefits of such a permit include lenient border control, which significantly cut down the time and effort it takes to transport goods internationally. Having the AEO-permit allows us to transport faster, and more efficiently. The AEO-permit also exempts us from a number of taxes and fees, making transport cheaper. With this permit we validate as a trustworthy logistics partner for our clients while still being competitively priced.