The environment is a very important cornerstone in today’s society, both nationally and internationally. V.V.T. Europa takes socially responsible enterprise very seriously; not just for our own benefit, but also for future generations. We treat people and the environment with respect and invest wisely in our own personnel and equipment. V.V.T. Europa is committed to reducing emissions, limiting waste, and providing a healthy and safe working environment.

The entire process, from loading all the way to final delivery, is fully controlled by people with lots of planning experience. They are also supported by automated processes. With the help of its extensive intermodal network, V.V.T. Europa also combines routes and manages partial loads, so that the logistics process can run as effectively as possible.

Detailed statistics are recorded for all logistics processes. This helps us see what emissions, for example, are generated during the transportation. Measuring and controlling all these statistics ensures V.V.T. Europa is constantly improving with regard to protecting nature and the environment.

V.V.T. Europa also makes every effort to provide its employees with a healthy and safe working environment. We pay particular attention to safety at work, ergonomics and protection against aggression. We offer our employees opportunities to develop through schooling and training. This ensures that their work remains challenging, which contributes to the overall quality of our organisation.

A better society is in all of out best interests. That’s why we also ask our partners to make similar efforts with regard to people and the environment.